Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you specialise in speculative fiction? 
I have read speculative fiction (including fantasy, science fiction, horror, etc.) for over twenty-five years. I have worked professionally with speculative fiction manuscripts for the past six. They are a passion of mine, and I have a deep knowledge of the field and its trends.

What genres do you work with? 
I accept fantasy, science fiction, and horror manuscripts along with all their relevant subgenres (urban fantasy, steampunk, noir, military horror, grimdark, etc.). If you’re unsure, please email me. 

Can you edit my non-fiction manuscript? 
No. If you’re looking for someone to edit your non-fiction manuscript I recommend you contact AJ Spedding at Phoenix Editing.

Does my work need to be edited before it’s submitted to a publisher or agent? 
Yes, it does. After working on a project, a writer can often lose sight of the small issues and imperfections that are common in early drafts. An editor and proofreader will examine your manuscript with an objective eye, and pick up on those issues before submission and/or publishing. Editing is an essential part of the publishing process. 

If I get a quote, is there a grace period? 
Yes. All quotes are valid for thirty days after they’re issued. 

Why do you need to see a sample of my work before a quote? 
Some manuscripts require more work, others less. A small sample of your manuscript will allow me to issue an informed quote that is fair to both parties. 

What are the payment terms? 
I require 50% of the agreed cost up front in order to start. The other 50% is required upon completion. 

Will using a professional editor ensure my work is published? 
No professional editor can guarantee your work will be accepted. If they do, run away at speed. Acquisition editors are as individual as their tastes. All a professional editor can do is help you present your work in the best possible way. 

Should I take all of your edits and suggestions on board? 
No. They are, after all, edits and suggestions from a personal perspective. The final decision lies with you. 

Are refunds available if I don’t agree with your edit?
No, there are no refunds. Payment constitutes a contract to edit your manuscript to the best of my professional ability. 

What forms of payment do you accept? 
Within Australia, you can pay by direct deposit. All international payments must be made via PayPal. You don’t need a PayPal account to use the service (PayPal allows you to pay securely with a credit card).