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Structural Editing

Also known as developmental editing, structural editing is a big-picture, chapter-by-chapter, scene-by-scene editing. In this service I will analyse story structure, plot, conflict, characterisation, and chapter arrangement. Questions I will ask include:

What dramatic questions are being asked in the story? Do they create tension and engagement with readers? Do they drive the story forward? Are the conflicts in the story clear and comprehensible to a reader? Are these conflicts developed consistently? Are these conflicts used to create dramatic tension in an interesting and enthralling manner? Are your main protagonists and antagonists interesting and unique? Do they have agency? Are their personal goals, motivations, and conflicts (both internal and external) clear and compelling? Is there sufficient development and movement in each character in relation to their role within the story? Does each character arc unfold in a logical and seamless manner? Does the story itself unfold in a logical and seamless manner? Are there any pacing or chapter arrangement issues? 

Using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature, I will make suggestions based on all of the areas listed above. Examples of the types of suggestions you might receive include:

  • Highlighting scenes that do not move the story forward in a meaningful way, and potential ways to rework them. 
  • Suggestions for moving scenes and/or chapters around to create a more seamless flow. 
  • Pinpointing areas of narrative weakness and how they might be further improved.
  • Suggestions to improve a character’s agency and/or motivations. 
  • Suggestions to further develop your central premise, conflict, and settings. 

Additionally, I will provide an editorial report that describes the main areas that need further work and revision. Structural editing does not include revisions or rewrites, but may include rewritten passages to help clarify my suggestions. Structural editing is NOT copy editing. If you are looking for an excellent copy edit that addresses grammar, punctuation and spelling then please consider AJ Spedding at Phoenix Editing.

Novel Tier – $12.50 per 1000 words/1.25 cents a word. Minimum payment of $1000, even if your story is less than 80,000 words.
Short Story and Novella Tier – $12.50 per 1000 words/1.25 cents a word. Minimum payment of $200, even if your story is less than 16,000 words.   

Manuscript Assessment

A manuscript assessment is a personalised appraisal of your manuscript that analyses your story for consistency, clarity, and cohesion. I will outline the strengths and weaknesses of your work, and offer feedback on any areas you’d like specifically addressed. My aim when assessing your manuscript is to ensure the plot has depth and reader engagement, and a consistent and cohesive flow. Narrative will also be looked at to see if the story unfolds well, and that the conflicts within the story drive the plot forward. Characters are the heart of your story, so special attention will be paid to see that they’re unique and well depicted, and their motivations and goals are clear and concise.  

Once I have completed my analysis, I will provide a 3-5 page report that covers all my findings while also highlighting opportunities for improvement. This service tends to suit those writers who are more confident with their editing, or for manuscripts that are close to being submitted to an agent or for self-publishing.    

Manuscript Assessment – $10.00 per 1000 words/1.00 cent a word. Minimum payment of $100, even if your story is less than 10,000 words.

Writing Mentorship

Need help achieving your publishing goals? A writing mentorship is a focused partnership with me that will guide you through the process of pulling your manuscript together into a publishable standard. Each mentorship is individually tailored to suit your needs, and can serve as a writing course if you’re new to the field. Features that can be included in this package: 

  • Detailed analysis of the first and last chapter of your manuscript.
  • Short analysis of your main characters and their agency and uniqueness. 
  • Short analysis of your main story arc and themes. 
  • Marketing tips.
  • Identification of suitable submission markets for your manuscript. 
  • Writing pitches, blurbs, and query letters. 
  • Writing strategies and tips. 
  • Social media advice and strategy.
  • Correspondence via phone or email to discuss any questions or queries you may have. 

Writing Mentorship - $500 for 12 hours. This is a non-refundable charge. After your 12 hours have finished, you can sign up at an hourly rate of $40 if you wish to continue with the partnership.

Please note: All of the listed prices are base rates only – each manuscript sample will be individually assessed before a quote is issued. All prices are in Australian dollars. ALL manuscripts are covered by a confidentiality agreement.